Visit Belgrade

Belgrade, as one of the European metropolis, is often visited by tourists all over the world. Although known for its great night life, it’s not the main reason why you should visit Belgrade. The other causes for visiting Belgrade are of course historical and cultural monuments.

Kalemegdan and first-century fortress are places which need special attention during a visit to Belgrade. Also, who has ever visited Belgrade had to walk down the Prince Mihailos street or enjoy in soothing greenery of Tasmajdan park.

Topchider park, the first park in Belgrade, built in 19th century, is also one of the most beautiful historical sights that would be pity not to see during a visit to Belgrade.

And anyone who has walked the streets of Belgrade took the opportunity to visit the magnificent and the largest orthodox temple in the Balkans- the Temple of Saint Sava!

Besides great entertainment throughout the day, Belgrade has much to offer its visitors even at night. This is the city that never sleeps and that trend follow everyone who visits Belgrade.

Crazy nights in Belgrades rafts, in clubs with world-renowned DJs as well as in the famous skadarlija are the moments which everybody who visits Belgrade will keep forever in their hearts.

So- visit Belgrade and enjoy in every moment!