Clubs in Belgrade

Exciting night life in Belgrade clubs is more and more noisy and addictive crazy fun atmosphere attracts people all over Europe.

A large number of nightclubs in Belgrade offer the possibility to all fans of good entertainment every night in different bouncy rhytms of Belgrade. But what makes Belgrade different than the other cities are river banks. Floating river clubs and boats are open all year but the peak hours are during the hot summer nights, of course.

These days in Belgrade clubs the scene is headed by very experienced DJs who know how to take atmosphere to the boiling point but you can also come across a good heavy metal gig or relaxing reggae sound.

Often young people from neighboring countries come to Belgrade on weekends only for proven good time in nightclubs, because in addition to all that entertainment center in Balkans provides is that the people from Belgrade are very friendly bunch and always ready to party.

The entrance to the clubs is mostly free, taxi transport is not expensive and neither are alcoholic drinks.

Because of so many clubs, frequent visitors call Belgrade “ Sin city”. Is it really so, come, take a nightlife tour, enjoy…